Our city is famous for two things: Bill Clinton and watermelon. Each year, we celebrate the latter with the Watermelon Festival. My husband has been able to set up a booth representing the church for three years now. At the booth, we hand out free cups of ice cold water and free Gospel tracts. Terry gets the opportunity to witness personally to people from all over the country, of different ages and races. This year, we also had free bubble gum to give the kids! With the horrible heat – 107 to 110 degrees both days – the water was readily accepted by many, as were the tracts. We estimated that we gave out 850 cups of water and at least 400 tracts!

Our church people volunteered for one hour shifts with my husband filling in when no one else was available as well as setting up and taking down each day. My children (except the two youngest) had the opportunity to hand out tracts with their dad and witness as well. Our oldest, Lauren, was able to carry on a lengthy conversation with a person who believes you can lose your salvation. She discussed with this man how he was wrong, from the Bible. I was proud that she knew what she believed, and could intelligently explain it in a respectful way. This must be the Lord working, for we have not spent a lot of time teaching our children how defend their beliefs. When she told me one bit of Bible information that she shared with the man, I asked her how she knew that? Her reply? “From Dad’s preaching.” I found this comforting since recently someone told me that “Kids don’t get anything out of the preaching.” How wrong that is! I’m thankful for the “foolishness of preaching” (1 Cor.1:18). Please don’t keep your children at home, away from preaching. Please get your children out there, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ beginning at a young age. They can impact their world for Christ, if we give them the opportunity.

Here are some photos of our booth:

When Terry’s shift was over, the kids got to spend some of their own money on the festival experience. They purchased roasted nuts, funnel cakes, and a Bungee Jump ride.

Here’s Leslie getting ready to jump!
The video below is of Lauren on the Bungee Jump. She did some flips and the photographer from the Texarkana Gazette took her picture her for the paper! It was exciting to see her picture and name in the paper the next day, alongside our Governor! 🙂

I apologize for being woefully behind on posting. I have much to catch up on in the days to come. Thanks for reading! 🙂

One thought on “Free Water!

  1. Ava Kinsey says:

    How awesome you gave out free water and the opportunity for them to get free “Living Water”!

    Love the video! Looks like a lot of fun. And “Great Job, Lauren!”doing a great job talking to that person.


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