Seven months ago, a very good online-slash-telephone friend called me and invited me to speak at the ladies conference she hosts every year. I was shocked! I am not a speaker. A writer, sort of; a talker, definitely, but a speaker, NO WAY! I’ve never spoken at an event before (other than a few ladies Bible studies) and am very nervous at the thought of doing so. Because this is not something I sought out for myself, I felt this must be something God wants me to do. If He opens up an opportunity for me, I don’t want to tell Him no.

But…I’m still nervous! 🙂

It all takes place on Oct.21-22 (Fri, & Sat.) at First Baptist Church in Sauk Village, Illinois, near Chicago. They are flying me in for this meeting, so please pray that I will be a blessing. I don’t want them to feel they’ve wasted a cent of the Lord’s money on me. I am speaking at three sessions: a main session, a session to teen girls and a session on homeschooling. I have made notes and feel somewhat prepared, but I know that the most important thing I could have is the Lord’s power. I want to be a blessing and an encouragement, but I’m so aware that I am nothing. HE must increase, and I must decrease!

The theme is “Joy for the Journey” and I certainly am joyful at the opportunity to be used in any capacity for the Lord.

If you’re in the Chicago area, I’d love to meet you! For information please contact me. If you think of it, please pray for the meeting. Thank you so much!

11 days and counting! 🙂


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