Last month, I decided to update the professional photos of my kids that adorn my walls by taking them myself. The ones I have are four years old! I have a point & shoot camera, nothing special, but it takes good photos (in my opinion). I saved a bundle of money doing it this way. BUT, I ran into a problem. One of the photos came out with kind of a reddish hue to it. I tried fixing it using Paint Shop Pro, but I’m not sure if my results were as good as it could get. I’m not even sure if I should fix it. If you have photography experience, could you give me your opinion in comments or by email? Pretty please?

The original photo…there’s just something a bit off. The others came out fine. I’m baffled.
 I tried to adjust it here. I think it looks even more red/pink. 
 Another adjustment…hmmm.
My last attempt. It looks rather washed out, doesn’t it?
So, my questions for you are these:

1. Do you like any of the photos above?

2. Any ideas on what I should do to the original to get a balanced color that isn’t washed out?
Thanks for your help!


4 thoughts on “Help Needed

  1. Grammy Blick says:

    I like the first one after the original (red / pink commented) There's a lot of reflection from that red blouse, but it fits in nicely and her face is simply beautiful. None of the others caught my fancy. You've done well with a point/click!


  2. Kristy... says:

    I would have to see all of them together to see how they flow together to see if it needed to be fixed or not ??


  3. Vera says:

    I think what you have is an actual shadow from a cloud or something (especially if the others in your pictures for the day were fine). The glow on one side of the face and slight difference on the other side of the face would indicate shade or a cloud passing by at that point. I, too, like the first picture best. The remainder of the colors seem very natural to me. I like the picture and know, as a Mommy of 5 grown kids myself, you will absolutely treasure it in the future.


  4. Valerie says:

    Thank you, all, for your feedback! I'll update everyone when I decide what to do. 🙂


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