When life hands me lemons,
And the sun stops shining,
When my heart is so heavy
That my mouth starts whining,

You bring me flowers
In the form of your smile.
You buy me a milkshake
And sit for a while.

You hold my hand
In life’s darkest hours
You sing me a song
That is only ours.

You brighten each day
With a grin or a wink,
Wrap your arms around me
When I stand by the sink.

You lead me with strength,
You hold me with care,
You pray with your heart,
You’re always there.

You’re part of me now,
You were all along,
You’re the mate to my soul,
You’re the words to my song.

I just want to say so
That everyone knows,
How I’m thankful for you;
My heart overflows.

© 2012 by Valerie Courtney Basham


4 thoughts on “Fourteen Years

  1. Amanda Tyler says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Such a sweet poem! I know it blesses Terry's heart. I know that I was very busy on this day fourteen years ago. We had a lot going on at our house and at the church.
    Happy Anniversary!


  3. Tamara ♥ says:

    Happy Anniversary! Special words of the heart 🙂


  4. Jennifer says:

    Such a sweet poem! May you enjoy many more happy years!


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