Here are a few candid shots from that last few weeks (maybe months?) at our house. I should warn you, this post will be most appreciated by those related to us.

Consider yourself warned. 😉

I asked him to smile and he put up his dukes! Here he is in my sneakers! 

Okay, more normal face here. 
Matthew is walking our new dog…she looks familiar, doesn’t she?

C’mon, puppy!
Mitchell’s always good to bring me flowers, just like his dad would do when we were dating. He loved the way the leaves looked on this one! 

Two more lovely roses from one of my guys. 🙂
Matthew cracked us up when he wanted his tennis shoes on as soon as he got up! He was still in his jammies! He’s snacking on some dry cereal while his oatmeal was cooking. 

“Hey, I gotta be ready to run at any time!”

I cropped this from one of our Easter photos, that’s why it’s blurry. They just had the cutest expressions, and everyone else was looking away.
Terry was using tools to repair our couch a few nights ago. Matthew found a screwdriver and thought the freezer needed a tune up. I’m glad he put on the right shoes for the job – his Sunday dress shoes, no socks, with shorts! That’s my boy! 

“Yep, almost done, Mom, and it’ll be good as new!”
Thanks for reading! 


2 thoughts on “Say Cheese!

  1. Ava Kinsey says:

    Cute!! Kids are so much fun!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Darling photos! I love them.


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