Several months ago, Mitchell was learning about plants in science. He was learning about how they need sunlight and water, how they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, and their different parts. He was supposed to do the age old project where you put food coloring into a cup and put the celery down in it. You wait a day or so, and see how the water is climbing up the celery. Celery is a stem, and the stems of plants take in the water from the soil and deliver it to the rest of the plant. I did this with Lauren years ago, and now it was Mitchell’s turn.

Well, we don’t eat much celery, and I kept forgetting to buy it. Finally, I remembered! Here are a few photos of how it turned out.

Day one: Mitchell’s celery and his goofy smile. 

Wow, this is just over a day later, it already reached the top.

Better late than never, right? 


2 thoughts on “Celery Stalk Science

  1. We did that with Christopher last year! LOL we had to wait several weeks until we had any celery in the stores… but the kids all had fun watching it change.


  2. We've done this, too! Fun 🙂

    …and better late than never appears to be my blog commenting motto.


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