For Loved Ones {Piano Recital}

This post will most likely only be interesting to relatives. 🙂 Here are the videos of the Lauren and Mitchell at their second recital. I apologize that they are hard to hear when they introduced their songs. Also, I got tired and a bit shaky, and the camera wobbles some. Again, I’m sorry about that. I wish our loved ones could have been there, but, this is second best, I guess. I told my husband when this was over that I knew what I wanted for Christmas or my birthday – a video camera! I just recorded these with my regular camera. On the kids’ duet, I was unable to get the first part because when I started recording, it was out of focus. To fix it, I had to stop recording, adjust the focus, then start again. 😦

We love and appreciate our teacher, Miss Susanna, very much! She has labored with our children for two years now. She has been a kind and loving teacher, encouraging the children to excel, without overwhelming them. You can see her standing in some of the videos to the right. We love her! 🙂

Five little stair-steps ready to go! 🙂


Miss Susanna’s students 

We love our teacher! ♥


2 thoughts on “For Loved Ones {Piano Recital}

  1. Lauren and Mitchell did great! They have shown a lot of progress since the first recital. I am very proud of them, and I really appreciate your posting the video for me (and other people). Please congratulate them for me.
    Also, all the children looked so cute as they prepared to leave. Handsome and beautiful children!


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