Six years ago, on December 7, we were saying “It’s a girl!” This past December 7, everyone was saying “It’s a bike! Laci got a bike!” I believe she had a wonderful sixth birthday! I took her “window shopping” a few weeks before her birthday. She picked out three possible gifts, knowing she would only be able to get one. On the way home, she said, “Just surprise me, just surprise me…but I really hope I get the bike.” She was very surprised and excited on her birthday morning to get one of her very own!

Her birthday surprise in her jammies.

Dressed and ready to ride, before breakfast!
Her maiden voyage, to the church and back. 

“That was fun!”

Even Matthew decided to go for a ride…on a scooter, in his pj’s! 
Her cake, with the crown and scepter (excuse me, Laci says it’s a wand), just as she picked out.
The kids wanted to buy her some gifts. She’s happy with the “My Little Pony” coloring book from Leslie.

Best friends. 

And a big box of crayons from Lauren!
Starbursts from Mitchell.
Oh? What’s this?

A knitted purse from Aunt Melanie! And her favorite color!

And a tiny one, too!

She also got several cards from grandparents and loved ones.

Me and Laci with her cake. Can’t believe she’s six…*sigh*.
Her crown and wand.

I have no idea what this means. It can’t be from sugar, she hadn’t had cake yet. Must be the excitement. 🙂

Enjoying her cake – chocolate with chocolate and vanilla ice cream. 
Here’s the video of her birthday song. I had to stop mid-song and tell Matthew not to blow on the candles. He was inhaling and looking ready to give it his best shot! 🙂 Please click play below, or go HERE.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “It’s a Bike!

  1. Laurie says:

    So sweet. Looks like a fun birthday!.

    I hope you have a great day!


  2. Thank you, Laurie! 🙂


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