Laci, two weeks ago, wearing our tree skirt as, well, a skirt! 🙂 

Today is a very special day in our household! Our youngest girl is now six years old. My,my. Time surely does zip by. (I say wistfully.) I remember how surprised we were to hear she was coming. I remember how overwhelmed I was at the thought of homeschooling two children – a K5-er and a 2nd grader – PLUS caring for an 18 month old girl and having a newborn on top of that! It was crazy for a while, with two in diapers and two car seats, and even two cribs for a short time. But all of that soon eased up and  we found our rhythm. Laci and her older sister, Leslie, are best friends. They play together, share toys and clothes and even the same bed sometimes. When one is sick, the other helps her sister out. They are sometimes “partners in crime”, but most of the time, they are buddies in fun. It’s hard to believe she is reading, writing counting and adding now! I’m so glad she still loves to cuddle with me -though I miss that she used to say it this way: “Can I huddle with you?” She loves to give hugs and kisses. She isn’t afraid of anything. And, while I’m thinking she’ll change her mind, she has promised to stay with me forever.

She has a very literal and innocent mind. I’ll never forget, when she was about four years old, she overheard Mitchell ask me if he could inherit our house when we died. I replied, “Well, this house isn’t ours. The church would have to say you could have it.” Laci piped up, “But the church doesn’t have a mouth!” We all had a good laugh as we imagined the church building having a mouth!

She has requested spaghetti for her birthday meal and a very special cake made my mom. I hope to have more on that – including photos- tomorrow.

If you have time, here are a few past posts about Laci:
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I am so thankful that the Lord worked things according to HIS plan and gave us our Laci Elizabeth.
Happy birthday, my precious curly-headed girl! I love you!


One thought on “Laci is Six

  1. Amanda Tyler says:

    Six already! Happy birthday to Laci!!!


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