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Motion Shots

These photos are one of the reasons I’ve wanted to get a DSLR camera. I enjoy taking videos, but for me, there is something so intriguing about a still photo. A good quality still photo. Okay, okay, even a bad photo holds a special “something” that a video doesn’t. I haven’t had much time to play with my new camera, but I have been using it every chance I get. Now that we have resumed homeschooling, blogging and photography have been moved to the bottom of the list. But hey, a little practice is better than none! 🙂

I know these photos are not great. I need to figure out the right level of exposure. I just noticed that I can adjust the white balance to various settings – cloudy, shade, incandescent, etc – I can’t wait to try this feature. I have been enjoying the ability to take continuous photos – hold down the shutter and it snaps one picture right after the next. This is a great feature for capturing motion. I took these pictures using the shutter priority mode on my camera, which has been much trickier for me to figure out than the aperture priority mode. All that to say, I was extremely enthusiastic about these results! The kids were willing to jump on the trampoline so I could practice, despite the chilly weather. Oh! And I have not altered these photos at all, other than to re-size them for a quicker upload. Thanks for looking at my amateur photography.

Here’s Laci, starting a flip.

I just LOVE her wild hair and her mid-air position! I could never have done this with my point-and-shoot. And doesn’t it just have a magic to it? Better than a video? I think so. 

Almost ready to land.
I captured Mitch doing a handstand. 

I think I used aperture priority to get this blur while she rode the bike. I was wanting to show the movement, but still keep her in focus, and I think I did okay. 
And she picked out her own outfit. 

More pictures to come…if you can stand it, that is! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Motion Shots

  1. I know what you mean – my camera came with a small manual and then also a CD. The CD has about 200 pages of instruction! I don't know when I'll have time to figure it all out. Little by little, I guess.


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