Every morning, I get up, stumble my way to the coffee pot and wait the four minutes for it to fill up. Then, I get my coffee into the cup and stumble to my quiet time spot, my school room. I lock the door, get out my notebook and start reading. Some days, it’s like the world opens up and I receive so much; it’s as though the Lord is in the room with me. Other days, I leave feeling like I received nothing; as though God were a million miles away behind a brass curtain. But either way, I show up  the next day, and the next, and the next. My plan is to do this on my last day on Earth, whenever that is, and after that I will get to worship face to face! What a day that will be!

My flesh, however, is not so enthusiastic about my commitment to Bible reading and prayer. My flesh likes to sleep, surf the web, read other books, watch the news or even snuggle with my kiddos first thing in the morning -anything but read the Bible and pray! But, it’s an appointment I have with myself. I would say it’s an  appointment I have with the Lord, but He’s everywhere all the time, always on schedule! I’m the one who needs the prodding; I’m the one who has to have an appointment.

I have missed this appointment before, due to sickness or travel. I’ve been late many times, finding myself reading late at night because the kids got sick or some other unexpected event took place. I’m not perfect in this area now, nor will I ever be. But, I continue to plod. I read Leviticus and Ezekiel, Malachi and Mark, Romans and Revelation. I read the list of who begat who and the descriptions of the tabernacle and temple. I read the exciting stories, the obscure stories and the parables. I read it all. I don’t understand it all, but I read it all. And the Lord blesses my effort. How? He blesses me by coming down, each morning (or night, if I’m late) and meeting with me. He’s there when I don’t “feel” like He’s there. He’s helping me in ways I am yet unaware, and I am grateful. I’m grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness to me regardless of my faithfulness to Him.

In today’s world, we all have computers, or iPhones, or iPads or Kindles – reading God’s Word is easier than ever! Yet I wonder if we’re doing it, or are we giving in to our flesh? If you, like I, have done that, be encouraged! You don’t have to start reading God’s Word on January 1 for it to count, you can start today, April 4! You can start anytime, anywhere! He will meet you and He will bless you.

So what are you waiting for? Make that appointment.


One thought on “My Appointment

  1. Nikki says:

    How very true 🙂 I love the Bible app I have on my phone. I like stealing moments during the day to read. The verse of the day is always an encouragement to me when I go to bed at night. If only our flesh could be as faithful as our heart and spirit long to be 🙂 Blessings! ~ Nikki


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