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Moving On

For quite a while, my husband has felt that the Lord had been leading us to leave our ministry here. Yes, it’s been difficult in ways which I cannot fully describe. But, difficult circumstances exist everywhere, in every type of life, ministry or otherwise. “Difficult” doesn’t mean “wrong”, nor does it mean “quit”. So, even though the problems have been numerous and the Lord has seemed to be a million miles away at times, we have stayed the course and waited on the Lord to direct our path while faithfully serving through the hard times. We haven’t been perfect at all, but the Lord doesn’t require perfection, He requires faithfulness. (1Cor.4:2) We have been faithful.

Last September, we were voted in unanimously to a church in Montreal, Quebec, Canada! It was an exciting prospect – we would be in a foreign country, learning French, a new currency, and on and on! After much prayer, however, we both came to a simple conclusion: it was not God’s will. We didn’t have a minute’s peace about it. I don’t mean we were scared, which we were. Who wouldn’t be scared or nervous about relocating into a foreign country with five children? It wasn’t the fear that stopped us, it was that missing peace from God. Again, I cannot adequately describe it. It’s just something youΒ knowΒ as a child of God.

Little did we know that when we had to say no to the good people in Canada, that at that moment God was opening a door for us. Soon after our return from Montreal in September, we got an email from a church in Lawton, Oklahoma. To this day we are not exactly sure how they got our name, but they did. They even sent the email to my husband’s old address, but he happened to check it and found it in time! After several interviews, emails, two face-to-face meetings and much prayer, all concerned have decided that it is God’s will for my husband to become their pastor! We are moving!

The sorting and packing has begun and yes, I’m overwhelmed. It seems like yesterday we moved here, believing that we would be here forever. I have enjoyed being back in my home state, but I admit that this part of Arkansas isn’t what I’m used to! It’s very different from the central Arkansas area where I was born and grew up. Nevertheless, there are many sweet people here that we will miss immensely. Even though we do have that “nervousness”, we have the sweet peace from the Lord that this is right.

I hope to blog about our new life in Oklahoma whenever I can squeeze it in. We are in the process of buying our first home – something that I never expected to happen – so your prayers for that are much appreciated! Packing boxes with three little kids around is difficult, but I’m so thankful for the help of my oldest daughter and son. They can pack and babysit while we work. We head out April 25, which will be here before you know it! (And also happens to be my sweetie’s birthday!)

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ll follow our adventure as we move to the Sooner State!


18 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. It is such a blessing to have the Lord confirm His will through that sweet peace that passes all understanding! I will contunue to pray for you and your family!


  2. I understand how it is a nervewracking time! When we left the church that my husband had been assistant at for 12 years to start a baby church plant with just our family- Yep! It was a huge step of faith, and had this mama of five very nervous! It's amazing the peace that God gives when it his will, though. We knew, even among the crazy times, that it was his will for us to do so. We are in the process of buying our first home here, we should close next week! The past year and a half has been hard, but we have always had God's peace with us. Now we are putting our roots even deeper in our community! Blessings as you pack and organize! We have only lived in this rental house a year and a half, and yet there is so much stuff to purge! Fun times! ~Cassandra Mc


  3. I get tired just thinking of all the work you are doing right now and the work that is still to come. You and Terry are amazing! I'm praying for you.


  4. Congratulations & may the good Lord keep you all safe & well. I know what a job it is to move, & wish I could be there to help. I'm excited & anxious to see your new church & home. God Bless you as you labour for Him in Ok. Love you all so very much


  5. WOW that is exciting AND nervous. You did all of this without blogging about it.. you are good at keeping secrets πŸ™‚

    I am looking forward to posts from your new adventures.


  6. You'll find Lawton a nice community – we're from Tulsa, but my folks were from southwestern Oklahoma and my Beloved Husband's brother lived in Lawton for a while. There's much to see and do in Oklahoma. May God bless your ministry.


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