Mastering the Indoor Shot

I have been enjoying using my Nikon camera whenever I have it handy. I have been so busy lately with school and packing and you-name-it, that I have missed several photographic moments. I did want to pop in and share that I have finally mastered the indoor shot! I usually use “Auto” mode  indoors, with the flash off. The photo below was taken on Aperture mode (meaning that I set the aperture and the camera adjusts the shutter speed for me). The trick for me was adjusting the ISO setting! I set it at 3200 for this shot, which is petty high, but it turned out great! In the past when I used A-priority or S-priority modes indoors, I got total darkness or completely blurred out photos. This one isn’t the greatest, but it was CLEAR! Hooray! It was a bit washed out, so I adjusted the balance in my photo editing program. I still have a lot to learn, but I was pleased.


4 thoughts on “Mastering the Indoor Shot

  1. I also wanted to add that how could you mess up with such a beautiful subject! I guess all your readers will have the same thought.
    I love you.


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