Hello! This is my first post from our new house! Yes, praise the Lord, we have arrived safely at our home in Lawton, Oklahoma! It was a full day on Wednesday, April 24, as we loaded the truck and drove about seven hours to our new town. We were met by some folks from our new church to unload on Thursday, April 25, which was Terry’s birthday! (He won’t forget this one!) Lawton is much larger than any town in which we’ve lived in recent years, and we are loving it! Terry and I were discussing plans for getting the house in order when he mentioned that I could buy something we needed at Hobby Lobby. My first thought was “I can’t spare a day to drive over there and get it!” because I’m used to Hobby Lobby being 40 minutes away. It’s only about five or ten minutes away here, though! What a pleasant realization! We have also enjoyed eating at Arby’s, and other restaurants that we didn’t have before. (But just until I get the kitchen organized so we can eat at home!)

We have had a few hiccups with the house – a plumbing problem with the gas pipes has left us without heat or hot water in the kitchen until it’s repaired sometime next week. Another plumbing problem has left me unable to use the washing machine. I got a few loads done before the problem got too bad, so that’s a blessing. Another blessing is that these repairs are the previous owner’s responsibility because we haven’t closed on the house yet!

We have begun the lengthy process of settling in and finding a routine. It is wonderful to look out of our windows and know that we are on our own property, something I never thought I’d experience, at least not so quickly! I was perfectly content to rent a home. In fact, I was well aware of what could potentially go wrong in a home. My mother has had to deal with five months of home repairs after she had to have her house leveled and painted. My sister had a flood affect part of her house, ruining boxes and carpet. My brother had problems with a septic tank at his home in Florida. Growing up, I watched my dad repair lots of things around the house. At our parsonage, Terry did many repairs on the house. I was almost afraid to take the plunge and buy a house! The Lord opened the doors, or we wouldn’t have purchased this house. Even with all the challenges of home ownership, it is wonderful to know that the land we have is our land (or soon will be!). I look out the window and see lovely tress and birds, not a church building!

Terry did a marvelous job picking out this place for us. I was able to look at it online. One friend of ours said that I had  “true faith”! lol! I am very pleased that I put my faith in my husband! It’s been wonderful to see how God has provided even the smallest details. He gave us a fenced back yard for our the dog we’ve had for 11 years. He gave us a washer and dryer – the ones I used belonged to our old church. He allowed us to get early occupancy from the owner so we wouldn’t have to move twice. And the list could go on!

Here are a few photos of our moving adventure! 🙂

Before we left, we had to go to Texarkana for a few things. We ate at Cici’s Pizza where a man made animal balloons for the kids. Terry also caved in and bought a few toys for the kids, too. 🙂

Laci with her pink balloon monkey – she named it “Melanie” after her favorite aunt. She also got a dog puppet. 

Leslie got a monkey puppet and a rabbit balloon. She didn’t name hers. 😉 

Mitch got some books and a parrot balloon.
Lauren got some books, but no balloon. I didn’t get her photo! 

Matthew got this awesome Nasa hat at Books-A-Million. It was so cute watching walk through the store wearing it! 🙂 
Our last Sunday – April 21, 2013 – was a sad one for us. We had to say goodbye to our friends and Sunday School teachers whom we have known for five years! 
Here I am with my sweet Sunday School class!

Mrs. Carolyn and Matthew. We love you, Mrs. Carolyn!

Mrs. Amelia with Leslie and Laci. We love you, Mrs. Amelia!

My mom and aunt drove down from Benton to join us and say goodbye. 

Here we are! We are smiling on the outside, but hearts are breaking on the inside. 
On Tuesday, we picked up the truck and started loading. The kids enjoyed riding their scooters and bikes down the ramp when it wasn’t being used. 

The girls look so tiny next to this big truck! 

Matthew struck this “tough guy” pose. 

Mitchell worked hard. 
Smiling even though hot and tired. 

Here’s the man who organized the truck and drove it (with a van on a trailer behind). I’m so thankful for him and his hard work. He is a great husband, father and provider. 
I hope to post other updates soon! Thanks for reading, and for praying for us. 


3 thoughts on “We Made It!

  1. Sonja says:

    When I was a child, my parents moved 21 times in 17 years. I am so thankful to have only moved once in my married life! Praying for you as you settle in to your new home & responsibilities! Thanks for the update!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Love the pics!


  3. Tanya says:

    Congratulations! What great news…


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