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Park Day

Last Saturday, June 8, our family got crazy – we went on a spontaneous picnic! The weather here was gorgeous – low 80’s, clear skies, low humidity and a slight breeze. When we moved from Hope, my Aunt Kathleen gave us two picnic baskets. I saw the lovely day and then thought of the picnic baskets and decided to go wild! I packed up a lunch and we went to the park! I’m pretty sure that the weather here gets just as hot as it did in Hope. At least I’m well prepared! 
Terry and I also got iPhones for the first time, so I snapped some photos with mine. Here they are:
The baskets worked great!

We had sandwiches, Pringles, pickles, brownies and juice boxes.

Me and Terry watching the kids play.

Matthew got nice and hot running all around. Good exercise!

Here’s a short clip of Matt jumping on the big, buried tires. Taken with my iPhone.

We also drove over to the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge after playtime at the park. We saw two buffalo at the refuge as well as LOTS of prairie dogs!

Long-distance bison, Wichita Mountains in the background.

We walked through a place in the mountains called the Holy City. They put on a passion play here every year, and you can tour it year-round. Laci smelled some of the real animals they use and is holding her nose! 🙂

This is a church. All the buildings look like this.

Next we saw some prairie dogs. Can you see them? They were very bold! If I pretended to be tossing something out of the van, they scurried closer to me. {click to enlarge}
We got up close and personal with one buffalo! 

This is how close we were. 

There were several hills covered in wildflowers! It was lovely.

Here’s Matt inspecting a prairie dog hole. 

And this is how I was during most of the drive – hanging out of the van with my Nikon in my face. 
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