The reason we got to take this amazing trip, was so my husband could preach at a Junior High Camp in West Virginia. It just so happened that two of our kids were the ages to be campers that week. And it just so happened that my son was praying for a chance to go to summer camp! He wasn’t old enough to go to the camp Lauren went to last year, so I just told him to pray about it – with very little faith that God would answer. After all, a trip to camp isn’t a “need”, so my faith was weak. Weak, but not non-existent. It’s amazing how God blesses even my microscopic faith! God answered and gave Mitchell the chance he’d been longing for.

I was busy caring for our three younger kids most of the week, so I didn’t get many photos of the campers. They had a great time, though. Mitchell was on the orange team, while Lauren was blue. They memorized dozens of verses, swam, played games and ate the wonderful food prepared by the ladies of Faith Way Baptist Church. Of course, the preaching was amazing. 🙂 Each night, there was a bonfire outside which was also a testimony time. If a camper wanted to share what God was doing in their lives through camp, they were free to do that. There were several sweet testimonies given during the week.

Mitchell in line for the “human bowling” game. I never got a photo of him actually hitting the pins. 😦

Lauren, knocking the pins down in “human bowling”. It was a fun and exciting game!

The bonfire.

Bro. Downing Gregory, the pastor of Faith Way Baptist Church in Belington, WV, and leader of Camp Popeye.

The whole group on the final day. It was sad for the kids to say goodbye to the friends they spent all week with. It reminded me of how I used to feel at the end of camp when I was a teen. I would have to say goodbye to friends like Amanda Tyler. It was never easy.

Lauren, and her team leader, Todd Hall.

Mitchell, and his team leader, Pastor Scott Hall.

Terry signing a Bible on the final day. 

 This is Terry and  Bro. Dan Vaughan. He and his wife, Hollie, are sweet people.
(And he is hilarious!)
While we were at camp, Laci lost one of her front teeth!

Then she lost the other one! 
We had a great time that week, but our adventures weren’t over yet! I hope to share more soon. 
Thanks for reading, and for all the great comments. I sure love hearing from all of you!


7 thoughts on “Summer Camp

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm glad you shared more about camp. I was surprised to see that there were benches for sitting around the campfire; I pictured the campers sitting on the ground the way I had to do at church camp. Terry looks so thin in the photo where he is signing a Bible. Of course, I'm sure he lost weight with all the preaching, late nights, driving, and one thousand other tasks. :o)


  2. Tori says:

    Wow, looks like great fun. The human bowling is interesting. Btw, Laci is adorable!


  3. Amanda Tyler says:

    That's great that they had this opportunity! I hope they were able to make some great life-long friends like I did during my camp days!!


  4. I think he's only lost a few pounds. 🙂 Love you!


  5. Thank you! The human bowling was VERY exciting. I should have videoed it.


  6. I don't think they make friends like they used to. 😉 God was so good to let me meet such great Christians and keep them as friends.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing!!! God is so good.

    Love you,


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