After camp, we headed even farther East to visit with some friends, the Dunham family, in Woodstock, Virginia. We weren’t really sure what all we would do while in Virginia, other than visit our friends. It turns out that we had the chance for a little sight seeing! We had time for a trip to Mount Vernon, Washington’s home! I was more excited about it than most of the kids, but that’s understandable. They are young and were worn out from 30 hours in the van. Still, I hope that one day, they will look back on it with fondness. Terry and I are lovers of history. We have a personal goal of visiting as many presidential homes as we can. We have visited Eisenhower’s, Truman’s, Jefferson’s, LBJ’s, Clinton’s and now Washington’s. It was hot and humid the day with traveled to Mount Vernon, and we all were pretty tired from our week at camp. Because of that, the photos were snapped in a hurry and some of them are not the greatest quality.

A view of Mount Vernon from the bowling green.

Matt is playing with George Washington’s step-granddaughter in the entry to the park.

Me, Lauren and George and Martha! 🙂
George and Martha Washington’s tombs.

Waiting in the shade of centuries-old trees for our ticket time to be called. 

Part of the garden.

I couldn’t snap photos inside the house, but I could outside. While on the tour, we walked along the back porch of the house, where our first president could enjoy this lovely view of the Potomac.

It was gorgeous!

We had to take photos in front of the house in stages. Here are a few of us.

Lauren and Mitch at Mount Vernon.

Me and my sweetie!

After we toured the house, we got to go through a wonderful museum all about Washington. They had life size wax creations of Washington at ages 19, 45 and 56. They measured his clothing from the Smithsonian and used hair samples from his home (!), as well as high-tech computer models to get accurate portrayals of how he looked. Here is what his inauguration looked like.
I was unable to photograph it, but they had Washington’s false teeth on display! I remember my dad reading to me from a big, red book about the presidents when I was about eight years old. The thing that started me on my life-long fascination with the presidents, was the photo in that book of Washington’s false teeth! It was interesting to get to see it in real life. The kids were more interested in a video playing about how they made false teeth in the 18th century. 🙂

Mitch got to take the oath of office of the President!

This photo was in that big, red book of Presidents.

Here we are in front of the statue at the museum.

My favorite feature of the house was seeing Washington’s chair! It was the chair he used at Mount Vernon and in his office as President. Can you imagine the conversations and decisions that took place in that chair? I only wish the tour hadn’t been so rushed so I could have savored it all longer.

It was a blessing to be able to visit such a great historical site, and to get to do it with the kids. I love history, not just for what it can teach us about the past, but also for how it can enlighten us about the future.


6 thoughts on “Mount Vernon

  1. Jo Klak says:

    What a beautiful family you have… And it really looks like you had a great time. It sure does look like a place I would love to visit one day


  2. Kristy... says:

    Sorry that last comment was from me, It was signed in under my husbands google account!
    Anyway.. Beautiful family… looks like a lot of fun.. (well that was the jist of it anyway 🙂


  3. LOL! Thanks! 🙂 You would love it!


  4. Jen says:

    I always wanted to go to Mount Vernon. My daughter went there on a field trip with some homeschooling friends before we moved to Australia. Maybe on furlough.


  5. Oh, I hope you get to! However, my husband and I agreed that Jefferson's home was far more interesting. If you can only go to one, I would choose Jefferson's Monticello. But Mt. Vernon was great! 🙂


  6. Dana says:

    We loved Mount Vernon when we lived in VA! We even had annual passes. Did I tell you that when we had lunch? Have fun w/your family and let's try to get together when you get back.


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