Mitchell is using Chemistry and Physics from the Young Explorer series by Apologia. We didn’t get started till the end of September, because the book wasn’t released until then. Therefore, we aren’t as far along with it as the other kids are with their sciences. He is enjoying the experiments very much, but the book work…well, he’s a typical boy! He’d rather “do” than “write”. His most recent major project was this edible Periodic Table of the Elements.This was a major project because it required his making 107 sugar cookies and frosting them. At the end of this, my kitchen was a lovely mess of creativity…which he had to clean up.

Mixing up enough dough to make 110 cookies was no easy job. I helped him with some of the measuring and stirring, and with making some of the frosting. But mostly, this was his handiwork.

It took him quite a while to do all the baking.
 Then, he had to mix seven different colors of frosting.
 Here are some “resting”, or hardening for the next step.
 Leslie was so sweet to help Mitch with the baking and frosting.
 Sweet children and sweet cookies. 🙂

Ta-da! The finished product! He had to pipe the symbol on each one, which took a very long time. Then, they had to be arranged correctly. He spent two long afternoons working on it.

He was very pleased. It looked so nice, that we just hated eating it!

But we did anyway.

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