I have enjoyed waking to the mild weather we’ve had the last few days. It reminds me of how the weather would be during the final days of school when I was growing up. The muggy, warm start to the day is a sign that spring has definitely “sprung”. We may still re-laps into some chilly temperatures, but it won’t last for long. I love the winter weather, but I love spring weather, too! I enjoy each season of the year. When one has exhausted itself, I’m ready for the new one to step in.

This morning as I pulled back the drapes, I was surprised to see fog lying peacefully in a huge heap across the street. Of course, I had to get my camera!





I was only outside for about five minutes snapping photos. By the end of that time, the sun’s first rays began melting the fog.


You can practically see it lifting in this photo.


Here, only a tiny ribbon remains near the ground.


Here’s another one of it as it thins out. (Please excuse my neighbor’s truck.)



It was a lovely, pinkish sunrise.

I hope your day is filled with warm breezes and blue skies.

With love,


4 thoughts on “Foggy Morning

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    Thanks for capturing the lovely moments. It has been quite a while since I have experienced a foggy day. There is always so much to enjoy in God’s marvelous creation.


    1. Yes, there is! It’s amazing!


  2. Kristy Jo says:

    It is very foggy here this morning. I haven’t seen fog in forever it seems! I enjoyed seeing your fog!


    1. Thank you! It usually encompasses our entire house whenever it is foggy. But on that day, it was just in front of me, not around me.


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