Spring Soccer {2016}

We just finished our spring soccer season at the end of May. The kids love the fun of getting exercise, practicing a sport, and, of course, seeing their friends. Here are a few photos of our season: All ready to play! Mitch was goalie for a while. Sister (74) against brother. Lauren and Mitch were… Continue reading Spring Soccer {2016}


Photo Shoot in the Mountains

Last December, in the midst of typical Christmas chaos, I had wanted to take family photos at the Wichita Mountains. Due to my getting sick and the crazy schedule we had going, we were unable to do that. It took me all the way until June 6 to accomplish that goal! The Wichita Mountains, I… Continue reading Photo Shoot in the Mountains

photography · Vacation 2015

I Like Ohio

After our tearful goodbye to loved ones in North Carolina, it was a blessing to have something fun to look forward to. Our next stop was Ohio. We enjoyed seeing Terry’s parents and his grandma. Granddad made Matt three awesome guns. Grandma and Great Grandma took the girls shopping, and we all enjoyed lots of… Continue reading I Like Ohio

family-scrapbook-Matthew · photography

A Boy and His Dog

After our Bible Conference ended, we were able to enjoy some pleasant weather. I’ve learned during my brief time here, that Oklahoma weather, is unpredictable. Last winter, we had severely cold temperatures that lasted for weeks. We also had several snow days. This year, it’s been more temperate. We actually have had some days reach… Continue reading A Boy and His Dog


Sunrise in the City

I have seen some gorgeous photos of sunrises and sunsets. The most beautiful ones seem to come from the desert or the mountains. But right here in town, I have seen some lovely sunrises and sunsets. They have been scarce this winter, though. We’ve had weeks of cloudy skies. Those are days when daylight comes,… Continue reading Sunrise in the City


Beginning Photoshop Elements 12

I¬†recently shared that one of my New Year’s goals is to learn more about Photoshop Elements. I got a great book at the library called Photoshop Elements 12 for Dummies. It’s a classic. It was written just for me, my name is even in the title! I’m halfway through chapter two, following along with the… Continue reading Beginning Photoshop Elements 12

family-scrapbook · Vacation 2014

Amazing Mount Rushmore

After we finished the three day preacher’s conference in Sioux Falls, ¬†and the trip to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s little town of De Smet, South Dakota, we headed west to see Mount Rushmore. It was out of the way and we were exhausted by the time we arrived, but when we saw the “four faces” (as… Continue reading Amazing Mount Rushmore

photography · spring

Wisteria Hysteria

I suppose the title of this post sorta gives it all away: I have purple wisteria growing in my back yard! We are nearing our one year anniversary of living in southwest Oklahoma; one year of seasonal changes, one year of extreme weather experiences, one year of memory making. I don’t know if we had… Continue reading Wisteria Hysteria