Today, while I was exercising, I thought about writing this blog post. Because when you’re exercising, it helps a great deal to use your imagination. You forget about your lack of oxygen, your aching muscles and your tired feet when you’re doing something completely different in your mind.

I thought about Hebrews 13:5 Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

I’m not a theologian, so this isn’t an exegesis of the passage. These are just my meager musings. I thought about how wonderful it was that Christ would never leave me. Never. I thought about the times when I felt alone as a little girl after my sister moved 900 miles away to go to college. I thought about the times when, as a teenager, I said hurtful things – sometimes without thinking, and sometimes I had it all thought out perfectly. I’m pretty sure I made my parents hold their breath until I was married. And I’m pretty sure my mom starts holding her breath again when I come back home. I thought about the times when, as a married lady, I made poor decisions. (Read: Really, REALLY dumb decisions!) Through all of those ups and downs in my life, Christ was with me. He never left me.

There have been times recently when something that I say (or wear) causes my children blush, look down and wish they could run and hide. Sometimes, they actually do run and hide. I remember when I was a teenager, occasionally, my dad would say or do something which embarrassed me, and I would look down at my shoes, make designs in the dust while desperately wishing that I could disappear. If  reasonable excuses could have been given to any of the aforementioned persons to leave said embarrassing situations, we would have all taken the “out”. I’m sure you can relate. (Okay, I’m not really sure. I’m hoping against hope that you can.) When I recall even just a few of the colossally idiotic things I’ve done as a Christian, and then I think of this verse, I’m humbled before my Lord. He stands beside me through each and every mistake, He loves me in spite of all of my wrong doing. He cares about me all day, every day. He never leaves.

I guess know I’m kinda weird. I sometimes wonder how I’ll go to Heaven. Some days, I wake up thinking, “Will I see Christ today?”  I get a little nervous, because I’ve never been to Heaven before. Then I think of this verse – “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee” – and I know I’ll be all right.

Christian, rejoice! We have Christ, and Christ is all we need.


One thought on “One Who Never Leaves

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    Yes, this is a wonderful promise! I join you in marveling and rejoicing.


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