It’s that time of year again! Our plans are to begin school on August 11th, Lord willing. I’ve learned that any plans I make are subject to change. I try to leave plenty of wiggle room in our calendar so that minor adjustments don’t throw me off  too much. I wish I could say that I’m flexible, but I haven’t arrived there yet. I’m a work in progress.

Here’s what I have so far:

Lauren, 10th grade:

Bible: Bible Institute of Correspondence, Bible Survey I. This is a ministry of our church and an excellent way to learn more about the Bible! For more information, go HERE or simply contact me (the “Say Hi” tab above).

Math: Saxon, Algebra II (We use the DIVE CD Rom since math baffles me.)

Literature: Abeka World Lit.

Vocab./Spelling/Poetry: Abeka

Grammar/Writing: Abeka, with a few techniques from Institute for Excellence in Writing thrown in for fun.

History: Abeka World History

Science: Apologia, Exploring Creation with Biology

Typing: Mavis Beacon

P.E.: Sports through our homeschool group

Music: Trumpet lessons


Mitchell, 7th Grade:

Bible: Bible Institute of Correspondence, Bible Survey I

Math: Saxon 8/7, DIVE CD Rom

Literature: Abeka, Of People

Vocab./Spelling/Poetry: Abeka

Grammar/Writing: Abeka, with some IEW included.

History: Abeka, History of the World

Science: Abeka, Order and Design

PE: Sports through our homeschool group

Music: Piano lessons


Leslie, 4th Grade:

Bible: ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) Bible Reading

Math: Saxon 5/4, DIVE CD Rom

Literature: Abeka – four different literature books.

Vocab./Spelling/Poetry: Abeka

Grammar/Writing: Abeka

Social Studies: ACE

Science: ACE

PE:  Sports through homeschool group

Music: Piano lessons


Laci, 2nd Grade:

Phonics, Reading, Writing, and, Art and Arithmetic are all from Abeka.


Matthew, Preschool

It’s hard to believe that Matthew’s old enough to do something besides just run around and be adorable. He will start with some preschool workbooks from Rod & Staff curriculum that I used with Laci. They teach tracing, coloring, cutting, counting and introduce the ABC’s. I’ve been amazed at how much he has picked up just listening to the older ones learn. I’ve also gotten him several puzzles and lacing cards to do for some “hands-on” work while I’m helping the older ones. He is active and talkative and I just love being with him all day everyday.

One really exciting thing about this school year is the use of a microscope. I admit that I’m as excited as my kids are! Growing up, I attended a small Christian school that didn’t have a lab, so this is a special treat for me. Lauren will be using it a lot for Biology (we ordered a slide kit from Home Science Tools along with the microscope), but Mitch will also be using it for his science near the end of the year.



I did a lot of research before buying one, since it’s quite an investment. We have looked at a few slides already and it’s truly amazing! It gives you a whole new appreciation for the detail of God’s creation.


I love to organize, so I’ve enjoyed working on arranging things in this cabinet over the summer. Terry made me an extra shelf (the top one on the right) so that I could make better use of the space. I’ve got everything from lesson plans, to school supplies, to art supplies in this one closet. I have all the books and materials that we’re not using this year stored on a shelf in another closet.

So what you see here is just what we’re using this year.

Okay, excuse me while I get overwhelmed.


Last year, Terry sent me a lovely bouquet of  purple flowers. I loved it so much that I tried to copy it using silk flowers from Hobby Lobby. I like how it turned out. Every time I see it, it brightens my day.

I admit that I’m nervous about starting a new school year. Each year brings new lessons, new struggles, and new routines. I’m trying to take each day as it comes, and only that day. Too often I look ahead a week (or a month!) and get so discouraged. I’m thankful that God doesn’t give me a week to live all at once, just today, just right now. I want to trust Him with each day’s tasks as they come and praise Him for each and every moment of life.



7 thoughts on “Homeschooling Plans 2014-2015

  1. Have a great year!


    1. Thanks, Carolyn!


  2. Carolyn Courtney says:

    That’s an impressive list of subjects and materials, and it all looks so exciting. Your children are so blessed to have such a devoted mother and teacher! You work very hard and do a marvelous job!


    1. Thanks, Mom. I appreciate and need the encouragement! I’m a bit overwhelmed.


    2. Thanks, Mom. I appreciate and *need* the encouragement. I’m a bit overwhelmed right now. 🙂


  3. What a great room! Enjoy your year. 🙂


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