There are days when homeschooling is the last thing I feel like doing. For example, last week, which I spent in a medicated, foggy haze from a cold. I rose each day, somehow accomplished what was in the lesson plan, then collapsed  just before supper only to emerge the next morning sad to see the night had passed. Fortunately for me, the kids managed with very little assistance from yours truly. Today, things were better. I got up, inhaled deeply and smiled –  just like the lady on the Ny-Quil commercials. (When I was actually taking Ny-Quil, I didn’t smile.)

Ah. It feels great to be back!

I thought I’d pop in and share a few homeschooling photos from my ever-growing backlog. Oh, and most of these were taken with my phone, so I apologize if they appear blurry.


Lauren has been enjoying our microscope. And yes, she’s had to share. 🙂


I sure am thankful for Dr. Shormann and the DIVE learning CD Roms! They have saved me *mucho* time and energy in teaching math. Leslie is using them for the first time this year.


Laci is stuck with having me teach her math this year.


Leslie found Norway! Maybe someday she’ll see it in person?


Mitch did an experiment where he had to separate chorophyll from leaves.


Lauren is an ever-present joy to her mother. On one really busy day, where real life interrupted my “perfect schedule”, she pitched in by listening to Laci read.


When Matt isn’t pretending to be the red Power Ranger or a Werewolf, he does some hands-on preschool.


I was told this says, “Mommy”.  🙂

Homeschooling is a thankless job. There are some days, frankly, when I’d like to hear a “thank you”. There are those, like my pediatrician, who think I’m crazy for homeschooling. Others may think I’m arrogant, that I “know more” than professional educators do about learning. Some may think I’m an elitist, or a rebel, because “No one is as good as I am for my children”. But none of that is true. The truth is something I meet head-on, every day when I look in the mirror. I know better than anyone that I’m not as smart as Mrs-public-school-teacher. (And please don’t think I’m against public school, my mom was both a teacher and a principal.) I definitely don’t have all the answers for training my children, that’s for sure! And I don’t think I’m crazy, not yet anyway. So why do I do this? I could certainly get a job at Walmart and help the husband with the house payment. Maybe I could manage to get a degree and make real money? But money can’t buy the one thing that I want with my children: Time. Maybe someday I’ll get that degree, or revise that 80,000 word novel on my laptop. But if I don’t, that’s okay. I’m getting to spend these days – in sickness and health – with my children. I’m watching them learn and laugh and grow. I’m able to place God’s Word in their hearts, listen to their goals and just be with them. That’s something that money cannot buy, but it is definitely worth my life.

With love,


3 thoughts on “Homeschooling Today…and Every Day

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    I am very glad you are feeling better and were able to write and share photos. I love the photos with the children so engrossed in learning and discovering. You are doing a fantastic job!
    I love you.


  2. Kristy Jo says:

    I miss homeschooling so much. It a thankless job.. but an amazing job! Loved seeing your family homeschooling


    1. Thank you, Kristy! 🙂


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