This morning during my quiet time, I pondered the many wonderful gifts that God has given us. Whether saved or unsaved,  we all enjoy these three little things:

1. Music Christians use this wonderful gift to return praise to our Savior. The unsaved use it to wake up,  celebrate or even deal with grief. The most talented musicians in the world are given that talent by a Creator they may not even know. The mere use of their gift is, to those of us who know our Heavenly Father, an acknowledgment of His power and beauty.
2. Color If you’ve ever had an old black and white photo colorized, you know the difference that the rainbow makes! It’s truly a gift from God that I often take for granted. I love the various hues of green in the springtime, the blend of pastels in a sunset, and the subtle differences in the color of sand. Color makes the world fabulous!
3. Spice Even flavoring is a gift from God! Rosemary, cinnamon, ginger and more. They make food tasty and have healing properties. A gift from our thoughtful Creator.

These are just three little things for which I am thankful.


One thought on “Three Little Things: Gifts from God

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    Amen! I’m very thankful that I can see colors, hear music, and smell delightful aromas. I’m thankful that my taste buds can enjoy the multiple flavors God has given. I remember that Jewel lost much of his sense of taste after having cancer treatments, and he commented how hamburger meat was just “gristle” to him.


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