recently shared that one of my New Year’s goals is to learn more about Photoshop Elements. I got a great book at the library called Photoshop Elements 12 for Dummies. It’s a classic. It was written just for me, my name is even in the title!

I’m halfway through chapter two, following along with the book while using the program itself. So far, I’ve learned a lot of simple things that I should have already figured out in the six months I’ve owned the program. One thing I learned is how to make slideshows! It wasn’t exactly in the reading, but in the process of looking around, I discovered it. I am pretty happy to have something to show for my study! I decided to share some of our Christmas photos using this method. (Maybe someday I can figure out how to add music.)

The quality of the photos appears grainy, but they weren’t that way on the original. I am still excited to learn how to do this. While the title of the book is slightly demeaning, it really does explain things in simple terms with lots of photos. I’m just proving that there may actually be times you can teach an old dog new tricks. 😉


4 thoughts on “Beginning Photoshop Elements 12

  1. mrskinsey says:

    Fun slideshow!


  2. Tori says:

    Good for you Valerie! Happy studying!


  3. Carolyn Courtney says:

    That was neat. You feel as if you are right there as things are happening. Wonderful Christmas.


  4. Victoria says:

    Great job! Its so satisfying to accomplish a goal. I like your slide show.


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