After our Bible Conference ended, we were able to enjoy some pleasant weather. I’ve learned during my brief time here, that Oklahoma weather, is unpredictable. Last winter, we had severely cold temperatures that lasted for weeks. We also had several snow days. This year, it’s been more temperate. We actually have had some days reach the seventies! In February! The kids wasted no time in getting outside to enjoy the sunshine.

One day, I noticed that Matt was playing with our dog, Libby. Libby has been in our family since Lauren was two years old. Terry rescued her when someone abandoned her at his workplace. The vet said she was a mix breed and that she was about two years old when we got her. That means Libby is about the same age as Lauren – 15! That’s old in dog-years. I’m not a “pet person”, (I’ve always been a city girl) but Libby was a very good watchdog in her younger years, and she’s been a great playmate for our children. She has also helped the kids learn responsibility since it is their job care for her.

Here are some adorable photos of Matthew (says the completely unbiased mother – wink, wink) and our dog. Oh, and please forgive Matt’s outfit. The coat is too small, or the shirt is too big, I’m not sure which. He dressed himself that day. I do get points for letting him become independent, right? Hello? Anybody there?

matt matt2 matt3 matt4 matt5 matt6 matt7

I just *love* my children.

And the dog.

But I love them more. 🙂


One thought on “A Boy and His Dog

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    Oh, I love those pictures! There is one bad thing, however. They make me miss a little boy and his family very much! I want to get and give some big hugs and hear some sweet voices in person.


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