The old saying is trite, but true: better late than never! Our Bible conference was January 30-February 1, 2015 and I’m just now getting around to posting about it. I began my series on “Verses I Love” on February 1st, and I hated to share more than one post a day. I don’t want to overstay my welcome with the few readers I have!

I deeply appreciate those who read my post about the conference and prayed for the Lord’s blessings on the meeting. God answered those prayers in the affirmative. He also answered several needs of folks in our church. One man had eye surgery, and another had a stint put in his heart. The operations were a success and both people have made great recoveries.

The messages brought by Bro. Adam Nixon, Bro. Royce Smith and Bro. J.C. Fulton did a work on my heart.  As my husband and I rested our sore feet after the final “Amen” was said, we couldn’t help but agree that meeting was blessed in a special way. “I feel like I’ve had a revival in my heart.” Terry told me. “I feel the same way!” I said. The messages all complemented each other beautifully, and none of the speakers discussed their sermon topics with each other. The Lord was in this place.

Here are a few photos of the conference:


Bro. Royce Smith, pastor of Bethel Baptist Church, Choctaw, Oklahoma. It was a blessing to hear his message on the church. I enjoyed visiting with his wife, Mrs. Pat, whom I’d never met before. There are some great people in Oklahoma!


I only got one photo of Terry at the pulpit, and it was while he was introducing our good friend, Pastor J.C. Fulton of Coweta Baptist Church in Coweta, Oklahoma. There are some people that you just feel like you’ve known forever, and Bro. and Mrs. Fulton are two such people. Bro. Fulton preached on the holiness of God and forgiveness. Two sermons that I needed very much.


Bro. Fulton always blesses us because he has a genuine walk with God.


Here are some preachers that came to the Bible conference. L-R: Bro. Adam Nixon, Rome, Italy; Pastor Terry Basham, II; Bro. Royce Smith; J.C. Fulton; Bro. Mikal Smith, Joplin, Missouri.


A group photo of the men who preached for us.


Of course, no conference can be complete without some good cookin’. We appreciate the marvelous ladies who brought delicious food to the conference.


A photo of our auditorium as people came in for the conference. We were excited to have so many guests with us.


Terry with Bro. Adam Nixon.


We were especially thrilled to have Bro. Adam Nixon with us. Bro. Nixon is a British man living in Rome, Italy, so he had quite the trip to get to southwest Oklahoma! This was his first trip to this part of the U.S., so Terry took him to see some sites nearby. He was able to see buffalo at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge, parts of Ft. Sill, and Geronimo’s grave. We also enjoyed having him in our home. The kids riddled him with questions about England and tried out their British accents on him.  He blessed us with snacks and goodies from Rome, too! Matthew wasn’t too happy to have his picture taken, but he really did enjoy having “Adam” (as he called him) with us. Most evenings, Matt would ride with Terry to get Bro. Nixon from the hotel. When we were getting ready for Wednesday night church after Bro. Nixon had left, Matthew said, “Dad, don’t we have to get Adam?” It took a while to make him understand that Bro. Nixon was all the way back across the Atlantic now. The Internet and air travel make the world seem much smaller than it really is.

Bro. Nixon has started a blog where you can hear audio or watch video of his preaching. You can find it by clicking HERE. He would love to hear from you, so please let him know if you drop by and visit. He is a very gracious and humble servant of the Lord. His ministry will be a help to your Christian life.

Thanks, again, for the prayers for our ministry here in Oklahoma. We have some amazing people who joyfully give, love and serve to further the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are no words to describe the blessing these Oklahomans have been to me. If you’re ever in these parts, please look us up.

With love,


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  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    It’s good to read this report and see the photos. Thanks for sharing.


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