I’ve read Romans several times in my life, but I have to admit that I’ve often read it quickly and without much consideration. It is a rather “wordy” epistle, with many phrases that seem to contradict one another, unless you pause to consider each one within context. I’ve been reading each chapter silently once, then aloud a second time. I am not using any commentaries for extra guidance, I’m just trying to comprehend this book better. I might read a commentary or two at a later date.

As I was reading Romans chapter 3, I was struck with the description of sin in that chapter! I’m sorry to say that I’ve always focused on Romans 3:10 and 23, which are often used in personal evangelism. Those two verses have always been enough to convince me of my sin, but it doesn’t stop there! The Lord gives us a much more graphic image of mankind’s wickedness:

  • All of mankind are sinful – Rom. 3:9
  • None are righteous – Rom. 3:10
  • None understand – Rom. 3:11
  • None seek after God – Rom. 3:11
  • All are gone out of the way – Rom. 3:12
  • All are unprofitable – Rom. 3:12
  • None do good – Rom. 3:12
  • Our throats are as open sepulchres – Rom. 3:13
  • Our tongues are deceitful – Rom. 3:13
  • Our lips are filled with the poison of asps (snakes) – Rom. 3:13
  • Our mouths are full of cursing and bitterness – Rom. 3:14
  • Our feet are swift to shed blood – Rom. 3:15
  • Our ways are destruction and misery – Rom. 3:16
  • We have no peace and no fear of God. – Rom. 3:17-18
  • The purpose of the law was not to save us, but to reveal our sins to us – Rom. 3:19-20

Wow…this was a lot to ponder. If you think that you are “good enough” to get to heaven, I implore you to consider the above passages and read them yourself! The Apostle Paul was describing each and every person on this planet in these verses.

But there is good news! Christ came to seek and to save that which was lost! If you are burdened down with sin and guilt and shame, then cry out to Him, He is your only hope! You cannot trust in self-righteousness, because this passage reveals that no one on Earth is good enough to enter Heaven. You must trust in Christ, and Christ alone.

With love,



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