Wow! Another year is around the corner…actually, it’s within sight! I can’t believe I’ll have all five children in school this year. Seems like yesterday I was juggling having an infant to care for while I tried to teach another one or two… or three. Those days are over. We are planning (Lord willing) to start our school year on August 17, 2015. It’s been a crazy-busy summer – and we’ve loved it – but it’s made it difficult to get my mind on school things.

One major change for us this year is our choice for history curriculum. I’m trying a new approach using Notgrass History. I have really done my research on this, so I hope it pays off. Their lessons are written to the student, not to a class, so it is more engaging and easier reading. Also, they offer a core textbook, with materials that cater to different ages/levels. I can read the history lesson aloud, then assign different workbooks for the kids to complete based on that lesson. Mitch and Leslie (and maybe Laci, too) will be using the same textbook, but with different questions, tests, and activities. I hope this saves me time and energy. It’s already saved me money! The Notgrass books also include optional literature assignments (the books correspond with the time period that is being studied) and Bible lessons. Again, this has saved me money! I just hope it works out! I’ll let you know.

Here’s how our year is shaping up (for now!):

Lauren – 11th Grade

Math – Saxon Advanced Math using the DIVE CD-Rom

History – Notgrass Exploring American History

Bible – Notgrass

Vocab/Spelling  & Lit. – Abeka

Grammar – Easy Grammar, 11th Grade

Composition – Institute of Excellence in Writing

Spanish – Rosetta Stone

Keyboarding – Mavis Beacon

Home Ec. – Basic sewing, cooking and baking

PE – Basketball and Soccer

Music – Band (trumpet)

Mitchell – 8th Grade

Math – Saxon Algebra 1/2 with DIVE CD – Rom

History – Notgrass America the Beautiful with grade appropriate activities

Lit. & Bible – Notgrass

Grammar – Easy Grammar, 8th grade

Vocab/Spelling – Abeka

Compostion – Institute of Excellence in Writing

Science – Apologia

Music – Piano lessons

PE – basketball and soccer

Leslie – 5th Grade

Math – Saxon 6/5 with DIVE CD Rom

History – America the Beautiful with grade appropriate activties

Lit. & Bible – Notgrass

Science, Vocab/Spelling – Abeka

Grammar – Easy Grammar, 5th Grade

Music – Piano lessons

PE – basketball and soccer

Laci – 3rd Grade

Math, science, history, spelling, reading and penmanship- Abeka

Grammar – Easy Grammar, grade 3

Bible – ACE Bible Reading

PE – basketball and soccer

Matthew – K5

Phonics, arithmetic, handwriting and art – Abeka

Bible – memory verses

PE – basketball and soccer

This will be my fifth and final time to teach one of my children to read. As you can imagine, I have mixed emotions about it. I am happy, I am sad. I am excited, I am somber. I am hopeful, I am nervous. But one thing does remain constant through it all: I am thankful for the opportunity to spend my days with my own children, loving them and living life through their eyes.

Smiling through my tears,


4 thoughts on “Homeschooling Plans 2015 – 2016

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    You have exciting plans! I think you are going to have a wonderful year. You work hard and put a lot of effort into what you do, and your children are smart and creative. Post plenty of reports through the year so I can vicariously participate.


  2. Lynne Tagawa says:

    Interested to know how the Saxon green book goes for you. Some kids have trouble with the geometry proofs since you never really park there long enough. I found it necessary to supplement with a semester of geometry in order to get my students’ test scores up–if you are thinking about the SAT it might be important. Almost all of the geometry questions on the SAT are drawn from what is found in the first half of an average geometry book.


    1. I’ve heard that Saxon users are extremely prepared for tests. We are planning to take the ACT – not sure if there is much difference between the tests though, it’s been years since I took the ACT!


  3. Victoria says:

    Looking forward to your review of Notgrass.


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