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A Tip for Teaching Abeka Phonics

In this short video, I am passing along a tip that has helped me teach my children to read using the Abeka phonics program. It was too complicated to share in writing, so I decided to make a video of it. {Please ignore the hick accent, if possible.} If you cannot access the video below, please click HERE to view it on Youtube.

Another tip (that doesn’t require a video to explain) is for the short “a” sound. For this one, mime the action of taking a bite of an apple as you say the sound for the first few times. You can do this any time the sound is hard to hear for them.

Happy homeschooling!


2 thoughts on “A Tip for Teaching Abeka Phonics

  1. Sounds like great tips, too bad you’re 20 years late for me. My oldest was born reading but my 2nd any 3rd were dyslexic and reading blends was a booger. I’m sure this will be really helpful. Btw, loved seeing your face and hearing your voice!


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