Sickness, dental appointments, homeschooling, and more sickness. That’s what my week has consisted of. That is also the reason for my absence from my blog.

On Monday, Matt came down with a terrible stomach virus. It took him a full two days to get over it. Tuesday, Leslie and Laci had milder versions of it. By Wednesday, everyone seemed much better so we took the kids for their six month dental cleanings. That’s always an ordeal just because of the waiting involved. Fortunately, I had a book bag with three books inside. We managed to eek out a full three days of school (five for Lauren and Mitch since they never got sick), but boy, it was difficult!

On Wednesday, I got sick with a head cold and low-grade fever. Just enough to sap my energy. I really haven’t felt well since.

Friday night the children got to play basketball for the first time with our homeschool group. I was too sick to go, but I did spot this photo of Matthew on our homeschool group’s Facebook page (he’s holding the ball):


All the kids really enjoyed their new sport. Even Matthew, who claimed he wouldn’t like it before he went, was telling me how to dribble when he got home.

ME- Dad

I admit that I often wonder why the Lord took my dad home to heaven when I still needed him. I needed his example, his wisdom, his humor, and most of all, his encouragement. The image above was on my Mary Engelbreit calendar for today. After a difficult week, it brought a smile to my face. For the twenty-six years I had a dad, he was the greatest. He believed in me, when few others did. Yes, I wonder why God took him when He did, but I bow to the Father’s will. He knows best, and He doeth all things well.

To end this on a high note, the Math U See Pre-Algebra and Geometry are going great! I am so thankful we came to that decision quickly and that it was the right decision. Again, I praise the Lord.

I’m praying this coming week goes better for us. How was your week?

Thanks for reading,


4 thoughts on “A Rough Week

  1. Oh, my friend, I’m sorry. I will be praying the coming week is much improved.

    On our end, I have been feeling under Spiritual attack. I’m praying the Lord would give me clarity and how me His will, so I might do it.

    May He grant us both peace and clarity during the coming week.


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. It’s a blessing to know I’m not alone.

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  2. Carolyn Courtney says:

    I’m sorry to read about the difficult week you had. I had known about Matthew’s illness, but I didn’t realize that Leslie, Laci, and you had also had sick times. I pray that you are all healthy to begin this new week!
    Did you get positive dental reports from the hygienist/dentist?
    I love you.


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