I’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again – I am so grateful for the opportunities the Lord has given our family in Oklahoma! Lauren had her first band concert today with the Texhoma Homeschool Bands! Lauren took trumpet lessons for a year, beginning last year, and we have been with the homeschool band since August. She is loving it. She is playing my dad’s trumpet, which he played in high school. He earned a scholarship to college with his ability. Lauren hasn’t quite reached that level, but she is working hard. I have to admit, hearing her play made me misty-eyed. I wish Dad could have been there.

Here are the videos of her performance for our loved ones far away, and anyone else who might be interested. 🙂

I forgot to press the “HD” button, so they are a tad blurry, but the main thing is the sound, and that came through well.

(This one’s my favorite!)

They played at a very nice nursing home in town, and the residents were so sweet to come down the hall and have a listen. Thank you for joining us for this “virtual concert”! 🙂

With love,


3 thoughts on “Lauren’s First Band Concert

  1. Betty Basham says:

    I loved it. Glad God sent you all there, & all the opportunities for the kids. Proud of you all. Thanks for sharing. Love you all.


  2. Kathy says:

    Good job, brings back memories of when I was in band. They did very good.


  3. Carolyn Courtney says:

    They all did a great job! Thanks for sharing these. I’m thankful for technology at times like this.


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