October is “Pastor Appreciation Month”, or so I’ve seen all over Facebook. It’s really sweet of people to appreciate their pastor. It is a hard job with unique responsibilities.

But it isn’t that hard.

I mean, really, pastoring takes the same level of devotion and commitment to the Lord that being a Christian layman does. It is hard standing for the truth against opposition in the church, or opposition in the work place. A pastor has to show up at a set time and work hard, just like the Christian layman. It’s a job. If you think I’m demeaning the position, I don’t mean to. I happen to be very thankful for my amazing pastor and I respect him more than anyone else. But since I’m married to him, and since I am the daughter of an amazing Christian layman, I have both perspectives.

The reason pastoring seems so difficult might be because of expectations. Pastors sometimes expect Christians to be dressed in choir robes with shining halos over their heads. But, that’s not accurate. Church members are the same as pastors – robed in flesh, not satin. Pastors struggle against the flesh every day. They fight laziness and selfishness; they fight lust and greed; they war against gluttony and anger. Yep, every one of them fights against sin, just like the rest of us!

Don’t get me wrong, it takes a special calling of the Lord to shepherd a congregation. But I don’t think it’s worth having a whole month of appreciation. Serving God is not about how much praise we can get (pastor or layman). It’s not about being “appreciated”, it’s about appreciating the gift of Salvation. It’s about serving the One Who died for us – Christ the Lord!

It’s about Him, not us.

I am blessed with an amazing church. In fact, at Bethel Baptist Church, we have “Pastor Appreciation” each and every week. It’s called “pay day”. What a blessing to serve such gracious and generous people! Their generosity enables my husband to make a living by preaching the Gospel. So, I propose a switch! Let’s make October “Christian Appreciation Month”, giving thanks for God’s people who faithfully serve in good times and bad.

Whether you serve the Lord as a pastor or a faithful member, may God richly bless you – in October, and every other month, too!

I appreciate you.

With love,


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