This week’s term: Sovereignty: (Communicable, but only in a very limited measure.) – The state or quality of being totally independent, unaccountable, and unquestionable. The right and ability to do all that one purposes, without outside approval or accountability. 

Note: I grew up in a Baptist church that taught the sovereignty of God. In recent years, I’ve learned that they believe God has control over all things, except His own plan of redemption. There is not a molecule in the universe that He does not control, and that includes the will of man. You either believe God is sovereign, or you believe He isn’t. His sovereignty should come as a great source of comfort for every believer, yet I have discovered that isn’t the case. Nothing causes Christians to scream and gnash their teeth so much as the statement that “God is sovereign over the souls of mankind, who are His creation.”  But even as they gnash, God is sovereign.

Last week’s term: Impeccability (Non-Communicable) – The quality of being unable to fail, err, or sin in any desire or action: not merely a state of perfection, but incapable of imperfection. Unable to sin, err, or fail in any way.


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