How God Sent a Dog to Save a Family is the fifth book in the “Building on the Rock” series of  devotional books written by Joel R. Beeke (Beek-ie) and Diana Kleyn.  A few years back, I found it in a box of books given to me by a friend. I placed on the shelf and proceeded to forget about it. Recently, while cleaning out the shelves to make room for more *ahem* books, I placed this one in the giveaway pile. But before I gave it away, I asked Terry if he thought someone wanted it.

“We should read this to the kids.” he replied.

“Really? Is it good?”

“I don’t know. We could see.”

So I did.

I began reading it aloud several weeks ago, one story each morning. It didn’t take long to realize that it is excellent! The stories are based upon true happenings, many taking place in the late 1800’s – early 1900’s. I have never read a children’s devotional that pleads more earnestly with a child to seek after Christ, repent of sin, and call upon Him at all times and in all circumstances. On many mornings, I was wiping tears away as we completed the chapter. There are a few biographical stories of Christians about whom I knew nothing. What a blessing that these unsung heroes of the faith are remembered to us so many generations later through these pages.

Most chapters have an “S” or an “L” at the beginning. This indicates if they are short or long, so you can pick one based on how much time you have that day. There is a question from the lesson and a Bible passage to read for each chapter. The answers to the questions are in the back of the book, along with “Prayer Points” for each chapter, and a Scripture index. One example of a “Prayer Point” is the following:

“Thank God for the provision of food and drink. Thank Him that He knows what it is like to be human and that when He was on the cross He was thirsty and suffered so much for sinners. Ask God to give you a hunger and thirst for Him. Pray that instead of yearning for things and possessions, you will long to know Him.”

If you’re looking for a devotional book to read with your children, you might consider this one. I am hoping to get the other four books in the series!


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