It’s a musical time of year for us! Mitchell, Leslie, and Laci had their spring piano recital on Saturday, April 30. Their teacher, Mrs. Hall, is a sweet lady who not only teaches the basics of music, but also of hymn playing. Mitchell is our standby pianist at church, and he was needing to hone his skills regarding church music.

Leslie played her piece from memory and had a moment of forgetfulness, but she didn’t quit. She started again and did her best with poise. This was Laci’s first recital, so it was an extra special evening for her. Mitchell did very well, despite a few foibles. They all did their best and we are so happy they have the opportunity to learn music from such a kind, Christian lady.

They will be playing these same pieces for a music competition next Saturday, so this recital doubled as a great practice session before they face the judges.

It was a fun evening for our family, and if you’re interested, here are the videos:

Thanks for watching!


3 thoughts on “Spring Piano Recital {2016}

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    They did great! I loved seeing and hearing them. Thank you so much for sharing the recital.
    Wish I could have been there in person to give hugs.


  2. They did a wonderful job! (The Russian Dance was amazing!) My mom would’ve loved to have seen and heard them play. She taught piano for many years and loved watching recitals.


    1. Yes, I realized that about your mom at the funeral. She was very talented! Thanks for the kind comment.


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