We just celebrated Resurrection Day a few weeks ago. What a moment that must have been! I have thought of it many times over the years, how exhilarating it must have been to the few followers of Christ to come to the grave and find it empty! They came there saddened and confused, and then all of that vanished like fog on a sunny morning when the angel said, “He is not here, He is risen, just like He said.”

I have just come from Facebook. Most of my friends are Christians, in fact, probably all of them claim to be. Many of them have posted statuses like, “Disappointed”, “Depressed”, “sick”, “America will cease to exist”, etc. Why the widespread heartbreak? Last night Ted Cruz suspended his presidential campaign. He was the answer for us, and now he is done. Yes, that is depressing.

I have taken an interest in politics since I was quite young. I remember the fear that gripped me as young girl when Clinton took office. The night that George Bush (41) gave his concession speech, I wept. Preachers from all corners of the country had declared that life as we knew it would cease once Clinton took the oath. Amazingly, it did not. I graduated high school, got married and even had a child while Clinton was in office. I went to church, read my Bible, worked jobs, bought groceries, paid bills, and gave out gospel tracts. I talked about the Lord at work, at home, and at church.

How was this possible with such an evil man as President? How has it been possible with an even more evil man in office the last seven years? Because God is in charge, not Clinton or Obama.

And now, as so many grieve what will surely be the end of America, I want to offer some hope.

God is in control. Why didn’t He allow the Christian man to succeed? I don’t know. Maybe because too many Christians were making an idol of Mr. Cruz by placing upon his back the success or failure of the U.S. rather than placing that confidence in Christ? Maybe we are supposed to face persecution? Because, frankly, being a Christian in the U.S. has not been that difficult. I mean, really, the problems Christians face in America are nothing compared to those in China, Iran, or Iraq. When persecution comes, only those who know and hear their Shepherd’s voice will remain faithful.

But what if everyone is wrong? What if God can preserve our freedom no matter who is in the White House? Might He then get credit for it? Probably not, but such is human nature. Utterly and totally depraved.

I know many friends who love Ted Cruz will have a tough time in the days to come. I do not put much trust in any political figure. Yes, I have my opinions, I vote, and I pray, but that’s where it ends. No more tears. I suppose being duped about Clinton in ’92 is what changed me. That, and learning the Doctrines of Grace. Knowing that God rules and reigns and controls every single molecule in nature is an enormous comfort. Knowing that I will be with Him one day and all of this life will be past, is an even greater comfort.

I hope you know Him. If you do, you know He lives!

With love,


One thought on “My Savior Lives

  1. Cassandra says:

    I do not believe the same as you do on the ‘Doctrines of Grace’, but I do agree with this post. Many conservative Christians have forgotten that God controls the heart of the king. “If my people”, still exists today. Our president is just a reflection of our nation. Trump is all about reality television, has no morals, and loves money. Sounds like America to me. And as far as Cruz, well, I didn’t trust him one bit either. I got weary seeing all the Christians jump on the Cruz bandwagon….while I might’ve voted for him, I in no way thought he would heal America. Only Christ can, and only if his people will repent, get right, and win more people to Christ! That alone is the hope for our country. ~Cassandra


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