Photo Shoot in the Mountains

Last December, in the midst of typical Christmas chaos, I had wanted to take family photos at the Wichita Mountains. Due to my getting sick and the crazy schedule we had going, we were unable to do that. It took me all the way until June 6 to accomplish that goal!

The Wichita Mountains, I think, must be Oklahoma’s best kept secret. I have heard a few friends say how hard it must be to live in such a flat place. Our part of Oklahoma is blessed with these rugged mountains, complete with buffalo and Longhorn cattle, cactus, wildflowers, and more. If you’re ever nearby, you should stop see the Wild West in person.

Here are the photos of the kids that I took while we were out. I am not a great photographer, and I haven’t even spent much time practicing these days due to life getting in the way, but I’m pleased with how they turned out.









Lauren snapped this one of me while she was holding my camera. It was totally random, but I like it!


Here are a few scenic shots, just for fun:




I hope to return in the near future and take more, maybe even a family photo for the Christmas card. I think I’d better plan ahead this year!

Thanks for reading.


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