This week’s term: Redemption – To be purchased or bought back. It is a metaphorical term used in the New Testament to describe the release from the judicial bondage of sin, in which God’s elect inherently dwell. The Biblical idea of redemption carries a view which precludes the possibility of anyone who enjoys this redemption ever, under any circumstance, suffering relapse into bondage or eternal damnation.

Last week’s term:  Reconciliation – The effect of atonement. Essentially, reconciliation is propitiation or atonement in the New Testament sense. That is to say, by the death of Christ we are reconciled to, and at peace with God. Note: The same Greek word is rendered atonement and reconciliation, which is most often true in the Old Testament Hebrew as well. In Christ we have now received (Romans 5:11) the atonement which all the Old Testament gospel types promised. The proper conclusion should be that atonement in the New Testament sense should never be seen as less than total reconciliation to God.


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