This past summer, my husband and I repainted and redecorated the bedrooms and bathrooms. I have the before and after photos somewhere. They are either on my phone, on my hard drive, or…somewhere. I have been so swamped that blogging has been forced (against my will, mind you) to the bottom of the to-do list. However, I am going to try to share the photos of our hard work before the year is out.

Or before next spring.

I wanted to share our most recent project now, since those pictures were the easiest to find. We have had a little patio-thing in our back yard since we bought the house three years ago. It had lattice and a green fiberglass roof. I’m sure that in its hay-day it was lovely. That day is over. When we got the house, the wood was sagging and rotted, and the fiberglass had broken off in some places and banged against the timbers every time the wind rose up, which is often in these parts. It would slap-slap-slap loudly, so I always knew when the wind was strong. Some of it finally did brake off, blew into a tree and just hung there. Mitch climbed on the roof of the house and got it down. Yep, it was time for the old patio to go. So, a few weeks ago, Terry armed himself with a sledge hammer and a saw and his own brute force and tore it down.







The pile of rubbish we carted off to the dump.

Slowly but surely, we are making our house a home. And I use “we” very loosely there, it’s mostly “he”. Thanks, honey, for all you have done.


4 thoughts on “A Better Backyard

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    Wow! That was a lot of hot, sweaty work! Could you get all the debris in your van, or did you borrow someone’s truck to haul it away? Do you have to pay to dump at your landfill?

    It looks very neat and clean, and I congratulate you, and especially Terry, on this project.


  2. Kathy McKinzey Basham says:

    That looks very good!


  3. elnasmith says:

    Very nice! Must be a lot of work huh!? You’re so blessed to have your own backyard where you can get a ‘suntan’ 😉 and that’s something we and most Londoners don’t have. I am so used to big space back in the Philippines and in London it’s different . . . flats/houses are tiny, most of the streets are narrow, some even have cobbled-stone 🙂 but we’re just blessed that we live a few minutes walk to two parks, Kensington Gardens and Holland Park. And no, I don’t go get suntan at the public park half-naked like most Londoners do haha! I missed this post last year, or else I’d have left a comment or remember seeing the pics of your backyard. Thanks for sharing this.


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