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My Front Yard: Before & After

On May 29, my husband and I will have owned a home for four years! What a joy it has been to have our own property! We have enjoyed fixing it up and making it our own, without having to ask a landlord’s permission. A little over a year ago, we fixed up our front… Continue reading My Front Yard: Before & After

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A Better Backyard

This past summer, my husband and I repainted and redecorated the bedrooms and bathrooms. I have the before and after photos somewhere. They are either on my phone, on my hard drive, or…somewhere. I have been so swamped that blogging has been forced (against my will, mind you) to the bottom of the to-do list.… Continue reading A Better Backyard

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Summer Projects

In December of 2014, the Lord blessed us quite unexpectedly by allowing us to get a new bathroom. When we purchased this home, the master bathroom was handicapped accessible, but not very well done. The shower had to be torn out, a bathtub and tile installed, and then the bi-fold door had to be removed,… Continue reading Summer Projects

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Kitchen Reno

I just love saying “reno”, it’s so HGTV! This summer, I wanted to do something to update our home. Something not-very-expensive. Paint is always the cheapest means with which to improve your home, so I wanted to paint something. In late June, my husband and I were talking about how horrid our kitchen cabinets were… Continue reading Kitchen Reno

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Our New Bathroom

My husband purchased our home over a year ago. Terry toured it, but I never did. I only saw photos. We could tell from the pictures online that the master bathroom would need some work. Terry’s visit confirmed it. But everything in it worked, so we went ahead and bought the house. Terry said, “We… Continue reading Our New Bathroom