This week’s term: Calling – The work of God in summoning or bringing men to Himself. This is revealed to us in scripture in two basic senses:

  1. The gospel call, (general call) which goes forth in the Word of God and which is conveyed to men by preaching. This may be regarded as a general call which is issued to all men who hear and potentially issued to all men everywhere.
  2. The Spirit’s call, (effectual call) which goes directly to the hearts of God’s elect, and which the effect is regeneration. This is not a general call but a personal and effectual call. It is actually the determining as to whether the general call ever takes saving effect, and is always finally obeyed. (1 Corinthians 1:23-24)

Last week’s term:¬†Imputation – The act of imputing or crediting to one’s account. It carries three basic senses in the Bible

  1. The sin of Adam being credited or imputed to all offspring.
  2. The sin of the elect of Adam’s fallen race being imputed to Christ.
  3. The righteousness of Christ being imputed to the believer or the elect of Adam’s race.


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