This week’s term: Sanctification – The state of being sanctified, or holy. Scripturally, this state of the believer is to be seen in two different aspects or senses:

  1. Positional Sanctification: That is the position of holiness, innocence, and perfection, which we have in the sight of God, through the imputed righteousness of Christ.
  2. Practical Sanctification: The realized and progressive growth in grace, which we have in the sight of ourselves and others, as a result of the imparted righteousness of Christ.

Last week’s term: Justification – The aspect of salvation which deals with judicial righteousness or vindication. It is never self-acquired, but always given as the result of Christ’s substitutionary work (Romans 5:9). It is realized by faith (Romans 5:1). It is demonstrated by works (James 2:22-24).


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