Happy New Year, friends! I am excited about the possibilities that await me in 2017. I have been eagerly working on my list of goals and books to read, and of course, I’m all ready to start my journey through the Word of God again. If you’d like a list of printable schedules for daily Bible reading, then please click HERE and scroll to that heading. (My favorite one is the Robert Murray M’Cheyne schedule.)

A few weeks ago, my husband read this blog post and got a great idea: we would have a guestbook for our home! I only wish we had gotten this idea sooner. We have been married almost two decades and have been blessed to have numerous friends, relatives, church family, missionaries, and preachers visit our home from around the world. We have enjoyed lively conversation and sweet fellowship with so many folks. Seeing their signature in our guestbook would have been a small way to keep those memories alive and strong; a way to savor the time with them and enjoy the echo of laughter down through the years. Well, we can’t go back, but we do plan on going forward with this idea.

I shopped around for a nice guestbook, as I expect that one will last us several years. I found this one at our Hallmark Gold Crown Store.


This one was casual looking with a place to insert your initial, as I have done, or a photo.


Guestbooks are usually only used for weddings and funerals – beginnings and endings – missing out on all the fun in between, called life! We want to change that. We decided that our guestbook will be “In Celebration of the presence of friends and family.”


I chose this one because it had a place for comments. The signer can either just date it and sign, or add comments about his visit, etc. My mother was the first signature in our guestbook. I am eager to see who will be next!

Thank you for reading! May the Lord bless you in 2017 and beyond.

With love,


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