Pastor Forrest L. Keener

It has been a pleasure getting to update the Basic Bible Characters series of Sunday school lessons written by the former pastor of our church, Bro. Forrest L. Keener. He was taken home to heaven before I could meet him. We had the privilege of having his wife, Mrs. Mary Keener, as a member for about two years, until she moved to be closer to her daughter.

I am currently working on the last book. I have been working on this project for several months now, and while typing up the lessons, I often grab quotes or snippets to share with friends on social media. I have, more than once, gone to work at church feeling weary and discouraged only to find myself being immediately encouraged by Bro. Keener’s “preaching” on the pages I type. I feel certain that our sovereign Lord had that plan in mind for me from the beginning.

I wanted to share the lesson on Satan by Bro. Keener that I found quite interesting. We have four volumes in this series. I hope to complete work on this one this week, and it should be ready for purchase in March. For more information on other books and tracts offered by our ministry, please go HERE.


Matthew 4:1-11                                  Memory Verse: 1 Peter 5:8

The most infamous character in all the Bible is Satan. He is found doing his dirty work in the book of Genesis just as soon as God placed man in the Garden of Eden. You will remember how he used the serpent to beguile Eve and thus to bring the whole human race into the captivity of sin. Either his works or statements about him will be found in every single book of the Bible. He is a fallen angel and more is written about him than all the other millions of angels combined.

Satan is a created being. He was originally called Lucifer and held a position at least equal, if not superior, to that of angels Michael and Gabriel. He was lifted up with pride and desired to exalt himself above the throne of God. Therefore, God excluded him and all the angels who desired to follow him from their heavenly position and he has ever since been at war against God. Satan is not in hell, nor is he excluded from heaven. He is excluded from his heavenly position.

Satan’s basic purpose is to turn men in rebellion against God and to recruit them to follow Him. His methods are to slander God to men and accuse men to God. His most effective weapon is falsehood. Jesus says he is a liar and the father of lying. Remember when you lie, it is good evidence that you are a child of the devil. Satan’s lies are most effective when he is able to mix them with truth or scripture.

Serious mistakes are made about Satan because people think he is a hideous, ugly, sacrilegious creature that men would just naturally hate. This is not true, for although his nature is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, his appearance is as an angel of light. He is also very religious and because he wants God’s place, he encourages religion. His basic trick is to try to get men to come to God by works rather than Christ. By doing this, men, in fact, do not come to God at all, but to Satan.

Amen and amen. May God open the blinded eyes of the lost, so that they come to the true light, the Lord Jesus Christ.


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