Today is Matthew’s seventh birthday. I admit that his birthdays have been a tad harder for me emotionally because he is the last one. However, I get emotional over each of the children’s birthdays, especially the milestone ones, like one, two, three…wait a minute… okay. I get emotional about each one.

Matthew has enjoyed being the youngest in the family, much like I did. It’s a great spot to have in the family tree. Everyone loves Matthew, and he returns their love and adoration 100%. The older children love his cute way of saying things and they love watching him learn new things.  He has a naturally compliant and sweet disposition. Who doesn’t love a boy who asked for black socks for his 7th birthday? I didn’t think much of his request until I took him to get new church shoes and, of course, new black dress socks several weeks ago. “I’m getting an early birthday gift?” he asked me in complete sincerity. My heart melted. That’s how Matthew is. He is tenderhearted – with a streak of stubbornness here and there – and obedient…most of the time.

He is growing more independent each day, something I am both happy and sad about.

But, no more melancholy!

I will just rejoice in the blessing of having him in my life. Here’s a look back at my sweet seven-year-old:

A bouncing baby boy is born! Matthew Ron Basham, July 14, 2010, in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. 8 lbs. 3 oz., 20.5 inches long.

Open-mouthed at one.

(This is one of my favorite photos of him! He had never seen a candle before.)

Tricycle-riding at two.

Timid at three.

Fascinated at four.

A father-fanatic at five.

(He asked to have Batman and his dad on his birthday cake.)

Strong at six.

(T-ball last summer.)

Sweet at Seven.

Matthew is a joy to our lives and friend to all of us. He is taking on new chores, reading like a pro, and learning to get along with others. He already has an interest in the Lord. We are praying he will keep a tender heart to those things and become a Christian while he is young.

Happy birthday, my sweet seven-year-old! I love you.

2 thoughts on “Matthew: Sweet at Seven

  1. Carolyn Courtney says:

    Happy Birthday to Matthew! He is a wonderful grandson with great intelligence, personality, and attitude. He is easy-going and fun to be around. I am so happy that I was able to spend a week with him recently. It was a precious and unforgettable time!


  2. elnasmith says:

    Awww, what a sweet post! Happy birthday to Matthew! He makes me laugh with the little story you often share on Facebook. The things he says and does, he seems like a pretty funny little boy! Enjoy him while you can. Before you knew it, he’ll be dating! 🙂 Oh and you better stop blinking or else you’ll miss the little tricks he does. 😉


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