This week’s term: Mystical Presence – Another view of the Lord’s Supper is known as the Mystical Presence. This view is that the body and blood are dynamically present in the elements, though the personal Christ is in no way associated with the bread and wine, the Efficiency of His grace is present. He employs these elements as instruments of His power, whereby they become means of grace. Consequently, the partaker of the elements receives therefrom a spiritual blessing.

Last week’s term: Consubstantiation – The Protestant (originally Lutheran) doctrine that when blessed by the priest, the bread and wine and mixed with the body and blood of Christ. This is only a slight variation from the heretical doctrine of transubstantiation.

2 thoughts on “Theological Term of the Week: Mystical Presence

  1. Fascinating, Valerie. Will look forward to next week’s term! Blessings 🙏🏻


    1. Thank you so much! The series is almost complete. You can read all of the terms I’ve covered on this page:

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