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Why I Keep Blogging

On September 3, I celebrated blogging for five years! We were away on vacation during that time, so I was unable to write about it on the big day.Yep! It was the big…zero-five. Of the five years, this one has been my most difficult. Not because the desire to blog or write has waned, but… Continue reading Why I Keep Blogging

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Interesting Blog Posts

My friend, Ava, is always so good about sharing interesting or helpful blog posts that she finds on the web. She has a regular meme called “Blog Post Roundup”. Usually, I’m not able to find the little gems that she does, but I have found a few, so I thought I’d pass them along. 🙂… Continue reading Interesting Blog Posts


A Whole New World

Okay, maybe “world” is too strong a word. What you are reading now is, at least, a whole new site. I have a new “dot com”,, as a matter of fact. For years I’ve been blogging. For years I’ve been looking for my own online presence. I found it…I mean, me…you know what I mean.… Continue reading A Whole New World

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10 Things I’ve Learned about Blogging in 2011

1. How to create my own background and header. (Still needing improvement, but I’m on my way!)2. How to add a post divider – a line of decoration between each post.3. How to automatically add a signature to posts.4. That I love Blogger’s new dashboard and features, they make designing and writing so much faster… Continue reading 10 Things I’ve Learned about Blogging in 2011