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More of Mitchell’s Science

I apologize for sharing so many of these redundant science experiment posts. My blog’s first purpose is to keep in touch with friends and family far away, so I try to share news from our lives. I realize the average person probably thinks that it’s just…well, boring. Pretty soon I will be caught up, and… Continue reading More of Mitchell’s Science

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The {Edible} Periodic Table

Mitchell is using Chemistry and Physics from the Young Explorer series by Apologia. We didn’t get started till the end of September, because the book wasn’t released until then. Therefore, we aren’t as far along with it as the other kids are with their sciences. He is enjoying the experiments very much, but the book… Continue reading The {Edible} Periodic Table

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Mitchell is Eleven!

Today, my sweet “baby” boy, Mitchell Lee, is eleven years old! It hardly seems possible. He was an adorable, chubby, happy baby and he’s growing into a tall, strong, happy young man. He would wake up each day with a smile as a baby, and he does that still today! He is an early riser… Continue reading Mitchell is Eleven!


Ready for Church

This morning, Mitchell got ready for church, picking out a suit coat, dress shirt and tie all on his own. He always wears a button-up dress shirt on Sundays, but we don’t require a tie and coat every week. I noticed after he was dressed and ready to go, that he’d put a paper napkin… Continue reading Ready for Church

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Mitchell’s 10th Birthday

I’m doing my best to stay current on family events, since that’s really my primary reason for blogging. One great blessing of the Internet is the ability to share photos and family news with loved ones far away. Of course, I’m not sure if many of my family members are reading, but I know a… Continue reading Mitchell’s 10th Birthday

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Mitchell is Nine

My sweet Mitchell is nine years old!! Halfway to 18! I can’t believe that. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I brought him home from the hospital and oooed and ahhhed over him while he slept? Wasn’t it just a few nights ago that I was getting up with him two – or more – times… Continue reading Mitchell is Nine

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Best Buds

Mitchell has recently started carrying his brother around on his shoulders. It makes me a little nervous, but I know Mitchell is always careful to have a good grasp on him. It would break his heart to hurt his long-prayed-for and eagerly-awaited baby brother!  Mitch is so proud of him!  Matt’s pretty happy, too!  Joyfully… Continue reading Best Buds