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My Little Scientist

Lauren, who is in tenth grade, has enjoyed her biology experience. This is a huge relief to me. I admit that I have been more than a little nervous about high school science. I thought I’d share a few photos of my “little” scientist at work for our loved ones far away. Be warned, one… Continue reading My Little Scientist


Frozen {A Science Experiment}

If you thought this post would be about the Disney movie released last winter, sorry to disappoint you. I just couldn’t resist using that title. 😉 As I’ve shared before, Leslie is doing the Apologia Astronomy course. We just finished chapter 13 – only one more to go! When I bought the book in 2009,… Continue reading Frozen {A Science Experiment}

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Leslie’s Rocket

We finally did the experiment from Chapter 10, about Saturn, from the Apologia Astronomy book. (We incorrectly say it’s the Chapter on Uranus and Neptune in the video. Sorry ’bout that.) We are now on chapter 12, so I was a little behind on this one! I kept forgetting to do it, or Terry wasn’t… Continue reading Leslie’s Rocket

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A Few Astronomy Experiments

Leslie Anne is currently studying Apologia’s Astronomy book. There have been several cute experiments this year. Here are some of the latest ones. First, we created a hurricane, to resemble the massive one on Jupiter. The second video is where we made a cloud, similar to Uranus and Neptune. Leslie with her hurricane setup. Before… Continue reading A Few Astronomy Experiments